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Xtian Dela Says Ringtone Is A Broke Thief


These two are full of drama. Just a few weeks ago, Ringtone attacked Xtian Dela and said that he will pray to God for gay men to come and [email protected] the blogger. It all started when during a live Instagram session with Dela, ratchet socialite Shakilla claimed that she slept with Ringtone.

That is why the controversial gospel singer got angry and posted a since-deleted video in which he said all those nasty things.

This time around, Ringtone took to Instagram and posted a list of celebrities and the purported houses that they live in. He claimed that Bahati lives in a ‘loan house’, DJ Shiti is ‘homeless’, Otile Brown lives in a ‘rental bungalow’ and Xtian Dela lives in a ‘1 bedroomed’.

The Instagram post is still there and it has elicited mixed reactions, with many of his fans finding it hilarious, while others found it arrogant and intrusive. This is what Dela had to respond to.

He took to Instagram stories and posted a shocking statement, alleging that Ringtone is a thief.

The influencer claimed that Ringtone lives in a stolen house, something that has been of contention for a long time. Many media reports also note that the house Ringtone lives was allegedly acquired illegally.

“mtu anakulia sahani ya 50 bob ya mare kwa mare na meza ya soh tano pale mtimdwa na nado anadai naishi kwa 1 bedroom…issorait at least I pay my rent and my conscience is clear that I am not sleeping in a stolen house,” Dela said.

There have also been reports that Ringtone failed to deliver t-shirts to students in high schools that he has toured in the past decade, but that’s a story for another day. Do you think Ringtone is a thief?