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The Kind Of Man Tanasha Donna Will Date

Tanasha Donna

If you’ve always admired Tanasha Donna, then you know that you’d have to be on her level before she even considers dating you. Looking at the men she’s dated before, you would have to fill into their shoes.

She also thinks she is self-made, something we are not very convinced of. Which brings us to the question…what kind of a man would date her? A few years ago, not many knew about her.

Tanasha DonnaNow, her name is mentioned in the same sentences with Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto, Khaligraph Jones, Nadia Mukami, and other big names.

The star recently took to Instagram to finally tell her fans the kind of man she would date. It’s not as clear as we would want it to be, but her word was straight to the point.

She posted a photo showing her silhouette by the ocean. The caption made it clear; unlike Annitah Raey who cannot do broke men, Tanasha Donna is actually more into loyalty than money.

“I was raised to hustle like a man, invest in myself & depend on nobody but God. So spoil me with loyalty, I can finance myself. 🧚🏽‍♀️ #DON”, she captioned the post.

So where does this leave us? Basically, this means that you can shoot your shot! After all, all she cares about is how loyal you can be. As for Diamond Platnumz, we all know that he’s not the kind of a man to stick to one woman…he’s already proven himself. No matter how beautiful a woman can be, he will always get bored and move on.

That being said, are you willing to woo Tanasha? Her DM is always open, you know…just don’t get exposed like Shakilla did when she tried to snatch Mammito’s man.

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