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Comedians plead with Kenyans to help raise Ksh1M for Othuol’s funeral

Othuol Othuol

You heard the news. Comedian Othuol Othuol is no more. He had been battling a range of illnesses for the past four years. This time around, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That’s what possibly overwhelmed him. His funeral will cost Ksh. 1,000,000.

Much has been said about his demise, with many concluding that his fellow comedians never helped him when he was in need. However, they have come out to defend themselves. Reports show that Churchill himself did so much for him.

‘…that when Othuol sent that message begging for help we did nothing, which is very wrong. In the groups that we were in, there’s no day Othuol said he was in need and we ignored him. We contributed over sh100k and he did the first MRI scan and went back home. For the second MRI, there was cash… that man never lacked,’ Ken Waudo, the Chairperson of Comedians in Kenya Society stated.

He also revealed that they went beyond catering for his medical bills; they even used to give him cash to buy food.

‘Even whenever he used to send messages asking for money or food, we helped him. He used to send several people same text. we stood with Othuol and before he died, we had already contributed ksh137,000. There’s no day he needed help and we neglected him. Artistes stood steadfast with Othuol not only when he was sick but throughout his sickness journey,’ he added.

On NTV, a group of comedians also appeared to clear the air. They reiterated the same thing and gave out a number that people would use to contribute to his funeral expenses. The budget is set at Ksh. 1,000,000. Here’s the video:

If you were his fan and feel that you could contribute, you could do it, as part of paying last respects to him.