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Kambua Is Pregnant With TWINS!


Kenyans are celebrating Kambua as she has just announced her second pregnancy today. We’ve been following the story closely and we have a new development that you don’t want to miss out on!

The gospel singer may not be pregnant with just 1 baby after all! This is huge! She is pregnant with twins! A close friend of hers, Grace Msalame, who recently gave birth, by the way, had disclosed.

The former Kiss TV presenter – who is a mother to twins herself – let the secret out when she congratulated Kambua on her pregnancy. She confirmed that the “Rauka” TV show host is pregnant with twins by calling her “mama twins” in her congratulatory message. We have the screenshot!

This means that Kambua is going to be a mother of three, after over 7 years of struggling to get her first baby. It is public knowledge that Kambua had to battle with online trolls who abused her for being a staunch Christian who couldn’t give birth.

She also had to battle with societal pressure, and if it weren’t for her husband who supported her emotionally until she finally gave birth, perhaps she could have just caved in.

“My husband always told me, Kambua you are enough for me even if you don’t get children and it settled in my mind and my spirit,” she confessed in a past interview with Parents magazine.

The good news is that she is going to be a mom. Thankfully, we can authoritatively state that she is a mother of twins.