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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Here’s why women want Nick Mutuma’s new film off the Netflix platform

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A few days after Nick Mutuma’s film ‘Sincerely Daisy’ hit Netflix, some Kenyan women are calling for it to be pulled down.

This is over his 2017 se-xual assault allegations which have now resurfaced.

3 years ago, the actor was accused of se-xually harassing a woman who happened to be Koome Gitobu’s girlfriend.

Nick Mutuma“He followed her out to the parking lot. he grabbed her, trying to pull her away from the cab she had called. He was now trying to physically get her to go with him. my GF wrestled him off, and by this time her friends had come out to the parking lot. so, Nick let her go. but not before grabbing and squeezing her a$$ and telling her he likes her body,” read one of Koome’s tweets.

Nick came out to clear his name by tweeting, “I entirely deny the story that is currently circulating about me. I’m extremely distressed that I’m being linked to this. I am passionate about creating an environment where women feel – and are – safe and respected. I would like to speak [email protected] and his gf directly.”


The matter is now back in the public eye and some women are demanding that Netflix remove his films as he is allegedly an abuser.

Check out some of the tweets below:


@WanjikuClara: Something has been bugging me. Nick Mutuma has been accused of assault by multiple women and nothing has changed…. I really want to keep that same energy and let Netflix know because imagine what it feels like for all those women seeing him keep rising. I am going to need all of you in the arts to do better.

@wambuijl: It’s not an excuse to not know of something, but above all, it’s what you do once you know #BoycottNickMutuma

@becominguBu: We can’t keep watching men get away with such accusations. It’s a no from me! #BoycottNickMutuma

@fka_memes: we are not going to continue allowing abusers to have platforms in peace #BoycottNickMutuma


@bintiM: The Kenyan film industry refused to hold Nick Mutuma accountable but are telling us how we have to support them. Why should Kenyan women support you when you don’t care about us and continue to work with someone who was accused by multiple women of se-xual harassment?

@DonCorleAnn: Please boycott this movie, the director has been accused of Se-xually assaulting several women in Kenya. If he is not held accountable, this man’s power will grow & he will continue to abuse woman. #BoycottNickMutuma

@Joyce_Nawiri: @netflix when we talk of silencing women, this is what we mean. One way of silencing women who have been se-xually assaulted by men is by demonstrating to women that when we speak up, nothing happens to the abuser. Can you take an action now that you’ve been alerted#

@wairiimuu: it’s #boycottnickmutuma for me. there’s soooo many other outstanding talented people who would also make amazing Kenyan films. we don’t have to support these abusers.

By the time of publishing, Nick was yet to comment on the accusations leveled against him.

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