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Shakilla claims Willy Paul set her up to get arrested


Drama after drama! It is worth remembering that Willy Paul recently bragged about having bedded teenage socialite Shakilla. The gospel artist turned secular star took to Instagram and dropped the bombshell; he alleged that Shakilla may be a teenager but ‘down there’ she is as mature* as it gets.

He said this in unprintable words, and it amounted to total disrespect. Well, the drama has turned into an interesting series. The socialite was ‘arrested’ after she allegedly forced herself into Willy Paul’s house.

The singer went on to release CCTV footage of what went down. This came after he put out a lengthy statement on Instagram, in which he called out the ratchet socialite for being an intruder. The post was accompanied by a police station occurrence book number, which we couldn’t independently verify.

In the footage, she is seen freely walking through an open gate. She then proceeds to walk into Willy Paul’s living room without much trouble.

Minutes later, Willy Paul walks in with security guards and confronts her. Many have termed the footage as a publicity stunt, as the singer is known for such, usually before he releases a song.

Shakilla has now hit back, saying that she was done dirty. The young, fame-hungry lass claims that Willy Paul set her up.

“Ive been released on bail and I have a story to tell….. A really interesting one that is lemme eat and spill the bitter tea…” she said via her Instagram stories.

She claimed that Willy Paul planned the whole event that landed her in jail. Earlier on, some of the socialite’s friends had taken to Instagram to rally for her release.

“Never felt wasted and cheated on like yesterday someone calling you comfortably in their premises which is so familiar to me and both of us know then boom set me up for trespassing. Like wtf???? I have so much to say just wait nun buh the truth,” she added.

We are now left wondering, could the two be up to something? Did all this happen after careful planning? Is this even real? Only time will tell!

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