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Watch: Othuol Othuol spoke about his life in heaven


As the comedy fraternity in Kenya continues to mourn the tragic passing on of Othuol Othuol, throwback photos and videos of him continue to surface.

Othuol was known for his comical stints at Churchill show where he was a stand-up comedian and who thrilled fans the minute who walked on stage.

Sadly, only his theatrics on stage live to be remembered and forever leave a legacy of his life on earth.

An interesting video of him during one of his many shows at Churchill, has surfaced, with the comedian making fun of his life in Heaven. Talking of how he lived the best of lives and how he was good buddies with Abraham who lived next door.

“In my dreams, I was brushing my teeth outside my house and because it is Heaven, we don’t brush teeth with water, we use milk,” he made fun of the situation.

According to Othuol, in Heaven, life is not a struggle like it is on Earth. People happily dine and wine, make merry, and lead exceptional lives.

“Then I saw Abraham and he said hi, asking me to go herd the sheep and cattle with him, before they are milked in the evening.”

But for Othuol, that is not the kind of life he expected to live while in Heaven so he declined the offer from Abraham.

A video that looked like a prophecy ahead of his untimely demise, and one that has only brought back good memories of the talented comedian.

Have a listen;

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