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Watch: Femi One And Her ‘Baby Daddy’ Appear In Her New Video


It’s official, Femi One is pregnant, at least in her new video with her ‘baby daddy’. In the video, she talks about how she gave in and got pregnant, only for her baby daddy to ‘ruka’ her. In the video, she rocks a baby bump, just like we previously reported.

The video actually talks about how life has been unfair to Kenyans, and the majority of the problems are fueled by politicians. The visuals feature some of the top scandals to rock the country in recent years. The video is a visual to her song, “Kipetero Kiyesu” featuring Nviiri.

The song also addresses issues that Kenyan artists are facing, for example, how their funds are ‘eaten’ by revenue collectors. In this case, she mentions MCSK, which has been in scandals entailing the theft of musician funds.

Nviiiri delivers on the chorus. His soulful voice will get you hooked all the way to the end! So, it’s not as everyone thought; Femi One is only pregnant in a music video. She got us!

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