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Video : Rihanna sings We Are The Champions after LA Lakers won their 17th NBA championship


Rihanna is letting her Lakers pride shine.

The pop star/fashion designer, 32, celebrated Los Angeles’ NBA championship after the team’s 106-93 win against the Miami Heat on Sunday night.

RiRi, a dedicated fan of the team, sported a purple and gold jersey bearing Kobe Bryant’s #24 while shaking pom-poms and belting out We Are The Champions with her friends.

Her cool outfit continued with ripped jeans and a Lakers hat, which topped cute braids.

It looked like the group had been tailgating, seen with a little grill and a small table spread somewhere outdoors. A giant RV or tour van could be spotted in the background.

Everyone danced around and sang while Rihanna got extra excited while grabbing a bundle of balloons.

‘if you ain’t on this time right now…bye,’ she captioned the post.

‘Lebron remains king. Lakers are the champs,’ the Love On Top singer went on, adding that the late Kobe Bryant ‘is proud.’

‘A.D thank you!’ she continued, giving a shout out to Anthony Davis.

Rihanna finished the post with a trophy emoji and a tag saying ‘#Congratulations.’

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