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Watch as Shakillah showcases her mad b00ty shaking skills

Looks like the controversial teen socialite is back to her dirty attention seeking tricks already.

Just mere days after her one on one with Kamene Goro in which she opened about all her past Shenanigans and promised to quit, Shakillah is at it again.

Shakillah was caught on camera twerking with her legs in the air much to the amusement of the men who were watching her.

Kamene spoke to Shakilla as a big sister about how she messed up in her early days and did not wish to see the first year student follow the same path. The Kiss FM DJ promised to cater for all of Shakilla’s needs towards her achieving her life goals only if she promised not to show her privates in public or engage in dirty deals. They even signed on it with a pinky promise.

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Guess that meant nothing to Shakillah.

Because here she is shaking her b00ty like she just don’t care:

Shakillah has some mad b00ty shaking skills that’s for sure. Whenever she gets the opportunity the lass does not hesitate to shake what her mama gave her.

Wonder what Kamene is thinking seeing all of this. Is she going to try reach out to Shakillah again or will she just leave it? Is Shakillah beyond saving?

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