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Diana left Bahati to stay with her Ex – The Bahati’s expose each other


A lot of drama goes on behind the scenes for majority of celebrity couples and the Bahatis are no exception.

The wobbly gospel artiste and his wife Diana just marked their 5-year anniversary since they became an item.

However, this time round, instead of celebrating the milestones, the couple came out to expose some of the worst memories they have of each other.

Diana Marua 2For Diana, their breakups and numerous arguments have been the worst moments in their relationship.

She told of a time when they argued, to the extent she packed her bags ready to leave and instead of wooing her to stay, Bahati threw her out and asked her never to return.

Diana at the time, had already delivered their first child, Heaven who was just months-old.

Funny enough, after breaking up, Diana went to live with her ex, something that pains Bahati to date.

“So Diana left with Heaven who was 5-months old and because she claimed she is homeless, she goes to stay with her ex,” Bahati angrily ranted.

Diana’s defense
In her defense, Ms Marua admitted that her ex had been sending her funny memes for a while and that is what attracted her to his place.

“At that time, I was so depressed, I had a very young child. I had ran out on breast milk, I had no nanny and I knew I’m now a single mom,” Diana tried to defend herself.

This left Bahati annoyed at her guts to even talk about an ex in that manner, attacking her: “it seems you still have something for the ex”.

It was no shock for Bahati, that Diana had actually packed her bags on several occasions over feuds with him.

Bahati and DianaAn angry Diana Marua, revealed how one day when they were not seeing eye-to-eye, she found out that the singer was still dishing out money to his ex.

“You are busy sending money for stock to your ex while I asked you for the same and you claimed you could not afford it,” a pained Diana Marua countered.

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