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Despite exposing DJ Mo, Margaret Wanyama has a man

Margaret Wanyama and men

Well, Margaret Wanyama made her point. She has a man, despite having exposed DJ Mo for cheating on Size 8. Having made the news for a whole week, DJ Mo’s side chick proceeded to wish her new man a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday babe ❤️❤️, may you continue to be blessed and whatever you pray shall be given to you,” she said, tagging him.

His account is private but we have some photos of the rich man. Just keep reading!

“My ❤️😍 it’s still your birthday, tho I always celebrate you every single day,” she added on his big day.

The new man goes by the name Smooove Papi and is based in the UAE. Margaret isn’t far away from him as she is in Bahrain where she works as a beautician. From the look of things, the two get to spend time together, as she doesn’t plan to come to Kenya anytime soon.

Her new man is flashy. He is always posing with nice cars and rocking designer clothes and jewelry like a rapper does. Seems like Margaret has a taste for the finer things in life. It is worth noting that DJ Mo isn’t as flashy, but he owns a high-end customized Range Rover Sport and lives a lavish lifestyle with his family.

That’s how he afforded to pay for her air ticket when she was stuck in Kenya, and they ended up having unprotected s.e.x many times.

As for Papi, he seems to love a low-key lifestyle. At the time we discovered him, he had 8k Instagram followers. He doesn’t seem to love publicity, thus having a private account.

Anyway, here’s more of his photos. Enjoy.

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