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Video : Proof That Mulamwah’s Breaking up with Sonnie Is Just For Publicity


When a video of Size 8 fighting with DJ Mo in public went viral, it ended up being just a section of their reality show program. When Anerlisa unfollowed her hubby on Instagram, they later surfaced stronger, and she is presumably pregnant.

As for Mulamwah’s case, unfollowing his girlfriend on social media does not mean that they have broken up.

Let’s break this down. On April 13th 2020, Mulamwah took to Instagram to say that he is quitting his career. He said that he was tired of being trolled online. He even burned his t-shirt and put out a lengthy statement to back his claim.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make . Am sorry guys , what was to make me happy makes me more sad, more enemies than friends,too much negativity,trolls. I wasn’t here for fame and bad blood but for fun. Shukran sana kwa the support from the fans and everyone else who made it a success,” he said.

This is the video that he posted to accompany his cry:

The stunt got him a lot of publicity; from blogs to TV. The who is who in the entertainment industry commented on his page encouraging him. They campaigned for him to continue his career. He slowly came back to being a comedian and people quickly forgot about the stunt.

A few months later, he was on Twitter encouraging his fans to troll him. Mulamwah asked them how they would describe him if he went missing and everyone was looking for him. As usual, his fans and haters had a field day, and were busy trolling him for his looks.

Fast-forward to now, Mulamwah went to Instagram and put out a similarly lengthy statement apologizing to his girlfriend, saying that their relationship did not have to end this way.

“I am not a prolific Writer but I will try …. This wasn’t an easy decision to make at all , especially at this point of my life . it has been a tough year already for me , and for both of us too , almost losing everything…”, Mulamwah said.

He said the same, same thing he said in April: wasn’t an easy decision…”

Mulamwah concluded that she is a nice girl and as they part ways, he wishes her all the best.

Many quickly concluded that Mulamwah only used the beautiful girl for fame and dumped her immediately when he got money. It is rumored that he recently got a big-money deal. It is worth noting that the girlfriend had a miscarriage and still went strong and stayed with Mulamwah.

Why would they go through so much only for Mulamwah to break up? Could it be a trend that celebrities break up for a few days, trend online, and then end up together? Just like the Size 8 and DJ Mo scandal?

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