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Proof -DJ Mo Is Happy That He Was Exposed


We are wondering what Size 8 could be going through as she fasts to save her marriage. The Murayas family has been trending the whole of this week, obviously because of the cheating scandal involving DJ Mo.

However, the gospel DJ seems unperturbed by the shocking revelations. In fact, he is doing very well. He seems not to give a f**k about it. Let’s give you a background.

A day before he was exposed, DJ Mo urged fans to stop meddling with his marriage. He referred them to watch their reality show, Dine with the Murayas for the pure truth.

Instead of the program airing, it skipped, only premiering on YouTube. Then hell broke loose. Margaret Wanyama leaked n#des, video calls and WhatsApp calls to show that she indeed has had a thing with DJ Mo for over 4 years.

DJ Mo’s reaction was simply showing off his staycation at a luxurious hotel in Nairobi. He did not seem bothered. He continued posting on social media as usual. Celebrities like Bahati and Mercy Masika came out to support the couple. Betty Bayo even told Size 8 that cheating is a ‘minor offence.’

Well, it has come to our attention that all DJ Mo cares about is fame and how many views they get on YouTube or how their show performs. DJ Mo actually took to Instagram to share how their recent show is trending at #1 on YouTube.

The episode, titled “Size 8 Shouts At Dj Mo in Public” is part of their season 2. He linked the screenshot to their YouTube video. The video now has over 700k views, more than an artist would wish for.

We now agree with some of our fans who feel that all this is supposed to push their show to more popularity. Here’s the YouTube episode:


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