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DJ Mo trends for cheating, Size 8 drops her new song, was this a stunt?

DJ Mo hands

Few days after the Murayas trended for DJ Mo’s cheating and the side chick coming out to say Dj Mo claimed his wife “Ako slow in bed” looks like Murayas have decided to hold on to each other.

Everyone thought the family was done for but Size 8 will be fasting and praying for her husband. She feels he was just being used by the devil and well, seems he is not entirely to blame. Even after all the lies and learning that DJ Mo has been sleeping with this chick since 2016, no protection, Size 8 has decided to stand by her man. Some have said Size 8 knew about this woman already, its a possibility.

A video of Size 8 fighting with DJ Mo in public went viral, it ended up being just a section of their reality show program.

This has led many to believe this was an act for publicity as Size 8 has since launched her new hair line as well as her new song Ameuweza which features Shayo.

May we all know that the grace of God is sufficient in all seasons and situations!!!! Jesus is the true vine when we attach ourselves to Him for sure we shall bare fruits 100% 💃💃💃💃💃💃 JESUS LOVES YOU AND HE IS CALLING YOU TO WELCOME HIM IN YOUR LIFE!!! HE IS THE BEST FRIEND EVER!!!”

The timing on the release of the song – soon after all the cheating rumours had exploded on social media has brought about the following reactions;

seleina_johnson this was stage-managed to enable them get likes for this new song

b_lumbasi 😂😂😂😂😂 they wanted the attention ndio atoe wimbo ! Stage managing things to make money smh wakristo imbo sana

stellabee56 all about money first siku hizi

katelizz4 I’m sure Hawa walikaa chini wakaona they have a lot to lose if they break up so they decided to stick together and do business 😂😂😂….I’m entitled to my own opinion

Is this the new trend that celebrities break up for a few days, unfollow each other, trend online, and then end up together? Mulamwah and Sonnie? Anerlisa and Ben Pol?

Can celebs please find other means of staying relevant not this.

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