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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Mulamwah Attacks Kamene Goro After She Accused Him Of Chasing Clout

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We’ve just told you that Mulamwah’s breakup with Sonie could be a mere publicity stunt. This has been a trick that celebrities have been using lately.

For example, former inmate Jowie’s stunt with his lover entailed them unfollowing each other on Instagram in a bid to promote his new song. We reported that too.

It seems that for Mulamwah, this won’t work. Many people think he is just messing with our minds. The comedian and Sonie have gone through too much to break up simply for no reason.

Kamene Goro is among those who called him out, at least publicly.

“I feel Mulamwah is on his typical clout chasing moment, it is distasteful to bring about this passive-aggressive statement, It did not have to go this way,” she said on radio this morning.

This angered Mulamwah, who went on Twitter and shot back in a series of tweets.

“Mimi hutaniamkia kunidiscuss kwa radio asubui bana , mbona usiambie watu wasubscribe .??? Why must it always be negative on air ?????? Ushai nisaidia na nini madam !!!! …. do you even know what am going through sai , do you know what am even talking with my lady?? Keep off,” Mulamwah angrily said.

He then warned her that whatever she is looking for, she will find.

As far as we can tell, only time will prove if indeed the couple is no more, or it is just one of those petty dramatic online breakups for clout. This wouldn’t be the first time we are seeing this.

For example, Anerlisa and Ben Pol unfollowed each other on Instagram but are still together. Size 8 unfollowed DJ Mo on Instagram but now, even after his cheating scandal, she is trying to save her family. Please, celebs, let’s find other tactics to maintain fame.

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