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Legendary Actor Darlington Michaels Back on TV


Mzansi Magic’s new television series Vula Vala will see veteran actor Darlington Michaels return to doing what he does best. The actor who was popularly known for his role as Papa G on SABC 3’s telenovela Isidingo, disappeared from the small screens in 2016 as he suffered a stroke.

He will be playing the character Gap and told Daily Sun he left the limelight because he had to prioritize his health. He currently is not fully healed but because entertaining fans is what he loves, he is back in full force.

“I suffered a stroke and this forced me to take a break from work, and focus on my health. My screen time was cut short because of the stroke,” he said.

Darlington Michaels

“I’m making progress in terms of healing, and I’ll get there eventually. I returned to TV because this is what I love. I’d like to assure my fans that I’m back for good. It feels great to be back and doing something I’m passionate about. I play a hustler by the name of Gap who runs an illegal gambling ring and lives in a back room in Soweto,” said Darlington who added that even though Papa G mostly spoke tsotsi Afrikaans, his new character speaks tsotsi Zulu.

Papa G was flashy and rich who wore bling and spoke tsotsi Afrikaans, but his new character is nothing like him. Speaking on the telenovela who he had been with for 21 years, he was left disheartened when it got canned. He then added that he will be forever grateful because that’s partly where his career took off.

“This was the show that launched my career, and to see it end was so disheartening. But I understand the SABC is running a business. I’ve grateful for the support my fans have shown me. I didn’t mean to be a stranger. I was fighting for my life.”

The actor has had fans missing his stage appearance soon after leaving the telenovela, he was working with the youth who were dealing with drugs, saying it was hi passion empowering the youth.

The actor had shifted his acting skills back to the stage with a play, titled “Who is to blame?” The play focuses on the current social struggles that the youth was battling with at that moment. Darlington worked tirelessly with a group of youths.

“Working with the youth is my passion, – we know that the youth has lost focus. They do bad things like smoke nyaope. This play has rescued some of them,” Darlington said at the time. He also admitted that some of the parents of the kids were hesitant in letting their children take part in the play.

Although he has not appeared on our television screens since Isidingo got cancelled, Darlington has now assured fans that he will be making his big come back.

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