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Kamene vows to take care of Shakilla’s needs if she quits her dirty dealings


Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro has admitted she is still paying the price of her past dark doings, such that, was she given a chance, she would do it all differently.

The curvy babe engaged 19-year old Shakilla in a one-on-one sit-down speaking to her as a big sister who has gone through it all. Having messed up in her early days and does not wish to see the first year student follow the same path.

Kamene told Shakilla to her face that she had completely messed up in the last couple of months, asking her to make a solemn promise that she will never take that route, ever again. Thereafter, putting an offer on the table.

The declarations
An awe-struck Kamene who was trying to come to terms with some of the ratchet things the babe had been recorded doing, advised her never to show her privates in public again.

To confirm that she was serious, the two made a ‘pinky promise’ with Kamene vowing to take care of all her needs as long as she never gets into such dirty dealings.

“Shakilla, just never ever do that again! I will do everything that I can for you, to achieve whatever dream that you have, but just never do that again,” stated Kamene.

“I promise that whatever it is that you want, I’ll make it happen. But never ever give yourself out like that. Can you promise? ” continued the 28-year old radio queen.

Kamene and Shakilla had an engaging and deep conversation, advising the young girl to pursue her life dreams as long as they are both ethical and legal.

Otherwise, she might end up regretting in future. That is, if she continues with whatever she is doing.

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