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Betty Bayo’s advise to Size 8 “Cheating Is A Minor Offence”


Many celebrities have come out to support the Murayas after DJ Mo was exposed for having unprotected s.e.x with a side chick for over 4 years. Surprisingly, the cheating husband was still talking to the lady the same day he was exposed.

DJ Mo and size 8 have since taken to social media to post about how strong they are…and that they are praying for their marriage to work. In fact, Size 8 wants to fast for 3 days to pray for their marriage.

One of the most controversial artists to ever exist, Betty Bayo has thrown her weight behind Size 8, supporting her through this difficult time. She has told Size 8, via social media, that cheating is just a minor offence.

What’s worth noting is that her marriage to Pastor Kanyari ultimately failed after a highly publicized dramatic divorce.

“Size 8 am soo proud of you💑💑💑💑💑 ..fight for your marriage cheating is a minor offence.. if I ever get in a marriage worth fighting for I will. ….On my knees I will fight for it… .. il proof to all of you marriage works.. …. And for those telling me to go back to my past .. don’t you think I know the way .. What about if we both agree to disagree .. ..#hinjio ni maku #amsingleonfacebookonly,” she said on her Facebook page.

When she was asked about why her marriage failed, she had a lot of explaining to do.

“The mistake I made was to get into a marriage without really knowing my partner. I didn’t take my time to research the background. I didn’t consider things like character, personality. We differed in a lot of things. Every topic was an argument,” Bayo publicly addressed the issue before.

Her advice to married couples back then sounded different. She said that she wouldn’t want to marry someone who spoils her image publicly.

“I’ve learnt marriage is not easy. I have learnt to forgive and let go. No one wants to marry anyone who is embarrassing you on TV. If it’s not working, just let go,” she added.

Her new stance on the topic is quite shocking. We cannot verify if she is just seeking publicity or genuinely concerned. If it were you in Size 8’s shoes, would you forgive DJ Mo?


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