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Ruto’s Nyamira meeting cancelled following disruptions by police


Deputy President William Ruto has postponed planned tours in Nyamira after police dispersed residents who had gathered ahead of the meeting.

Taking to Twitter, Ruto lashed out at police, accusing them of disrupting peaceful meetings.

He said on Thursday, “After consultations with MPs Kemosi, Mose, Nyamoko, the Bodaboda Sacco and church leadership who had invited us, we have postponed the two functions in Nyamira County to Thursday next week.”

“The disruptive dispersal by police of Kenyans engaged in economic empowerment is unnecessary.”

Earlier, police officers in Nyamira County used teargas to disperse crowds that were awaiting Ruto at Kebirigo High School.

The DP was scheduled to arrive in the area on Thursday after a cabinet meeting in Nairobi.

The officers entered the school compound and told a band playing music to stop before ordering them out saying no function would take place at the venue.

“Following that order, you have a few minutes to vacate this place as soon as you can,” a senior police officer was heard saying.

Earlier in the day, the DP’s advance team had already arrived at the venue in preparation of Ruto’s visit.

However, Kemosi said the meeting was very lawful and condemned the County Commissioner Amos Marina for sending police to disrupt the meeting.

“We had a chat with the County Commissioner last week and agreed the meeting was going on as planned but unfortunately he has decided to disrupt the meeting,” said Kemosi.

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