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Ruth Matete’s Ex-Lover believes she ruined his life


A lot has been said about Ruth Matete ever since she lost her hubby in a fire accident mid this year.

Some claimed she killed the man, others called her toxic while some insisted she’s not an easy person to love.

Her ex-lover Prince Tsyder popularly known as Toni from Tahidi High drama agrees to most of these accusations.

Toni had a chat with a fellow Tahidi High veteran, Dennis Mugo AKA OJ, on his Vlog where he opened up about his toxic love with Matete.

“My relationship with Ruth Matete was one of the hardest,” he said in the video.

“To some point hajui kama alispoil my life coz watu wanajua tuu tulikuwa kwa relationship. Ooh tsyder alicome hapa akakula pesa yote na nilimjua kama hiyo doo haiko.”

Toni met with Matete a few years after her big win after being crowned the winner of Tusker Project Fame season 5. She won Ksh5 million. By the time they were meeting, she was already broke.

Toni said it’s always hurtful that Matete never bothered to clarify this while together or even after breaking up.

“I don’t think Ruth is a stupid girl who will allow a man to come and squander her money. She is not that stupid, at least she should have clarified I was a totally different guy. We had challenges just like any other relationships and if you realizeIi never spoke, my family even started to doubt me.”

While speaking about squandering her money, Matete revealed that she contemplated suicide following the loss.

“I tried to commit suicide because I had never been in a place where I was required to handle so much pressure. You switch on the radio and the topic is Ruth matete ‘call us and tell us what you think about her dress #ruthmatetedress.

“It was really hard and I embarked on a fasting journey for 21 days but only managed to fast for 16 days only,’ she said in a previous interview.”

Watch him speak below:


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