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Is Janet Mbugua Preggoz?


Former TV anchor Janet Mbugua has been keeping a low profile until just recently when she shared a post announcing that she had been hospitalized.

As seen on her page, it appears that she may have had a few issues with her health; but after seeking medical attention, she hopes all shall be well.

Through her Instagram page the mother of two went on to post saying;

Life has a funny way of creeping up on you. One minute you can be up and about enjoying life and all it has to offer and in the next minute, you are on a drip, sipping liquids and not the good kind 😏😀 As I write this, I now understand more than ever, the importance of being in tune with your body, something I was doing previously and then I let it slip. 2020 has been a super stressful time for most, so even the tiniest triggers should not be ignored. Life happens to the best of us. The lesson though is to lean in to our bodies and be at our best health always. There’s only one you; look after that person. I’ll be back when I’m back ✨

However looking at one of her photos, we now have reason to believe that Miss Janet Mbugua could be expecting her 3rd child with hubby, Eddie Ndichu.

The couple so far has two sons Huru and Mali, and from the way Janet has been concealing her pregnancy with half seen body photos; and baggy clothes – I bet there could be another one on the way!

Some of her fans have also started noticing the growing ‘bump’ if not a ‘pot belly’ that continues to protrude as time goes by! But since children cannot be hidden, let’s see whether this is another baby on the way!

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