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Here’s what we know so far about DJ Mo’s mistress, Margaret


Margaret may have been labeled all sorts of names for exposing DJ Mo for his infidelity, but her life is quite interesting! We’ve gathered a few fun facts about the lady, who is currently in Bahrain.

The lady, who revealed that she had casual s.e.x with DJ Mo for over 4 years and that DJ Mo said all sorts of horrible things about Size 8 while they were at it, is actually not as young as you probably thought.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about her.

5. She Is a mother

The lady is the mother to a 6-year-old son. The kid lives with his grandma in Kenya while Margaret hustles. According to her updated Instagram bio, she is also dealing with recruiting more Kenyans to go to work abroad. The contact person on the website she put on her bio is one Boniface Wanyama.

4. Works at a beauty parlor

Her Instagram feed is full of pics of done nails. She is proud to show off her work and as well share with her fans what she does for a living. It is actually quite interesting to see a beautician expose a celebrity, out of the blue. As we reported, the two have been talking to each other since 2016.

3. Loves dancing

Her Instagram account is full of her videos shaking her big behind. Many have speculated that the reason why DJ Mo probably couldn’t resist her is that the lady has roundest, biggest b#tt you’ll ever see.

We aren’t talking about the Vera Sidika kinda b#tt. This one is just perfect, she is fit, the way she looks in dresses is making Kenyan men have sleepless nights. At this point, we are assuming some budeskos are in her DMs trying to woo her.

2. Is a Luhya just like Size 8

Her second name is Wanyama. She is a Luhya. Size 8’s real name is Linet Masiro Munyali. It seems like DJ Mo has a thing for Luhya ladies. Or perhaps, it could be a coincidence. Who knows?

1. Is educated

The lady is actually smart. She invested in her education. Before moving to Bahrain, she did courses in beauty. She even has a certificate to prove it. Here you go:

So now that you know about her…what’s your take on this beauty.


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