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Here’s All The Things Size 8 Did For DJ Mo When He Was Broke

Size 8 and DJ Mo

What are the things you would do for love? Abandoning studying abroad to stay home to be with your loved one? Buying them a car? Seems that Size 8 did more than that. She literally took DJ Mo off the ground and made him the man he is today.

In a recent episode of Dine with the Murayas, Size 8 opened up about how they started. It wasn’t all rosy. She had to make unfathomable sacrifices for the DJ.

“When I met him people wrote him off because he was a DJ trying to create his brand,” Size 8 started.

By that time, she was a successful musician with great secular hits. Remember “leo kutawaka moto?” Yes! Back then she was making money for days! DJ Mo wasn’t as famous as he is today.

He lived in a way cheaper house than the relatively expensive one that Size 8 was in, over 7 years ago.

DJ Mo hands“When we were getting married I wasn’t comfortable because he was living in a house of Ksh 13,000 while I was living in a house where I used to pay Ksh 33,000 for rent. Nyumba yake haikuwa na toilet ya kukalia. Ilikuwa ile ya kashimo na choo na bafu ni the same. He never had a microwave…He was driving a smaller car than mine,” she added.

Well, Size 8 still married him because ‘God had told me he was going to be someone of wealth.’ The gospel singer added that she was mocked for marrying him, people claiming that she was marrying a DJ so that she could become a video vixen. Interestingly, DJ Mo was a video vixen way back in the day before he even started being a DJ.

Things seem to have turned sour after all the sacrifices that she has made. DJ Mo has been accused of sleeping with a side chick, saying horrible things about Size 8 and his reaction to the scandal has been wanting. How would you advise Size 8 on this?

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