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Dennis Mugo aka OJ speaks on how he lost all his millions


When you are living in the limelight and you have lots of cash, it is pretty easy to spend unnecessarily. For former Tahidi High actor OJ, this has been an expensive lesson for him.

It is publicly known that he was an alcoholic for a better part of his adult life. He battled this habit for a major part of his life.

“I learnt alcoholism and smoking. I started smoking in Form 2 and in Form 3, I started taking alcohol. From chang’aa to anything I would get along. The habit has affected me years down the line. I’m turning 35 years but I have been hiding from the mess. I made my first million, but what did I do with it? Nothing,” he said in a recent episode on his YouTube channel.

OJ says that this led to depression. He tried to mask it with humor, cigarettes, and more alcohol.

This led to more problems. He even lost his family. Even after he finally decided to settle down and start living as a married man, his alcoholism followed him.

“I got a son during that time but later separated with my wife due to my alcohol problem,” he revealed.

This is a sad story as his former colleagues, including Sarah Hassan and Abel Mutua have had stellar careers. The former studied abroad at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and the latter owns a successful production company. In fact, Mutua battled with alcoholism but managed to overcome it.

Let’s just hope that he manages to get back to his former glory. Check out his story:


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