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Slay queen’s punani rots after dumping blesser


A slay queen is regretting the day she left her blesser after her punani began to rot.

The 28-year-old slay queen from Orange Farm in South Africa says she broke off with the blesser in March this year and her life has turned for the worst.

She says the pills she bought after going to the doctors have not stopped the itching. The slay queen says she wanted someone to take care of her after her baby daddy dumped her.

She says she met the blesser through a friend who is now late.

“Before she died she told the blesser about me and I met him,” she said.

“After a week we started poking. And he’d send me money.”

She says the blesser forbade her to take pictures or to call him and as a rule, she had to be available at all times.

The slay queen says she received a monthly allowance of R15 000 and they visited the most beautiful places. Trouble started when she met the jobless love of her life. She decided not to tell him about the blesser.

“We discussed our plans for the future, but my boyfriend found out about the blesser,” she said.

“I always had money. I told him I’d inherited it. He said I should start a business or do something useful with the money. I kept spending and he became suspicious.”

The boyfriend went through her phone and found out that she was s.e.xting the blesser. She begged him to stay and decided to tell the blesser she wanted out. The blesser became furious and told her she would never sleep with another man again.

A week after the encounter with the blesser her punani started itching, developed growths, and became smelly. She went to different gynaecologists but none managed to help her. The blesser is in Malawi and wants nothing to do with her.

Gobela Zwelihle Hlophe said blessers use muthi to gain wealth and some even use snakes.

“Whatever he was using, a snake or muthi, it needs something to feed on and the girl was that person. I’m not sure if she’ll find help. It’s hard to remove. The blesser can possibly help, but it’s unlikely.”

Dr Hlengane Maluleke, a gynaecologist, looked at the photos and said it looked like [email protected] warts that had grown over time.

“The infection is mostly due to HIV. Low-risk strains are associated with warts while high-risk types cause cancer,” he said.

The treatment would involve dealing with underlying conditions such as HIV and may need surgery. The doctor wasn’t sure why she hasn’t been helped yet.


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