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Size 8’s words of wisdom after husband’s cheating scandal

Singer Size 8 must be going through a hard time especially now that the entire world knows that her husband has been cheating on her with a young lady from Bahrain.

The cheating scandal sparked by the couple started off as a joke; only for things to get serious at the end. Word making rounds on social media is that the couple was hoping to catch people’s attention only for the joke to turn on them.

DJ Mo and Size 8This was however all thanks to Edgar Obare who left no stone unturned during his exposé on DJ Mo, who had been said to be dogging his wife for years. But due to lack of evidence, the guy never got caught!

With the story out, of course it is no secret that their marriage has been facing serious issues; but for the sake of their brand, the two kept holding on until after Mo was publicly exposed.

Size 8 who has not only been hurt but embarrassed by her husband has finally opened up in a new post where she wrote about Jesus’ love. Through her gram, the mother of 2 wrote;

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!. How great is our God and how deep is his love for me and you that He sent his son Jesus to die for us all and raised him from the dead and sat him on his right hand far above all devils just for me and you!!! This is so precious more than even gold. Gods love never changes he is a great loving God in all ways He is good, perfect and loving!!! Working out all things for our good!!! If you believe this type God I bless you!!! God I bless you!!!!”

Fans on the other hand went on to leave supportive messages under this post as they encouraged the singer not to let this affect her.

Others went on to congratulate her for always covering up her husband’s messes; for the sake of their kids. But after yesterday, will their love go back to normal?

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