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Sacco’s Statement on Edgar Obare’s Allegations That Vera Sidika Begged Them For A Loan

Vera Sidika

Days after a fan claimed socialite Vera Sidika used her Range Rover to secure a loan from Mwananchi Credit Limited, the popular Sacco has released a statement addressing the allegations.

The fan claiming to be an employee at the bank shared that she saw the documents of Vera applying for a loan worth almost Ksh 5M so that she can move and revamp her Vera Sidika Palor at Mombasa.

The fan claimed the flamboyant socialite used her Range Rover worth about Ksh 10 Million as collateral.

Mwananchi Credit, however, without really denying or accepting, pointed out that they can never share any personal information about their clients.

“We are responding to the allegations on social media that media personality Vera Sidika came to procure a loan from our entity,” they said in a statement.

“The facts are as follows: Our client loan accounts details remain confidential between ourselves and the clients. That said, we wish to categorically state that media personality Vera Sidika is currently not and has never been in the list of our clients.”

The bank, which early this year also launched a program of asset financing, went on to state that there’s nothing wrong with taking a loan for investment.

“All of us, at one point or another, need some kind of financing to grow from one level to another,” it said.

“It is wrong to try to insinuate that someone taking a loan is necessarily a bad thing. We should stop stigmatizing loans. Responsible loans are very critical for growth.”

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