Money Heist fans’ wildest predictions for season 5 – from death hoaxes to secret romances

NETFLIX revealed earlier this year that the heist will soon be over, with the fifth season of Money Heist being its last.

However, there are plenty of loose ends to be tied up before then, and fans have been sharing their wild theories, particularly about the character Berlin. Here are the top ones.

1.Did Berlin survive?
Berlin was a divisive character on the show thanks to his violent nature and charismatic personality. However, he was killed off at the end of season two, leaving mixed emotions among fans.

The character has appeared in flashbacks since his death, but some viewers believe he could still be alive. They have a number of theories as to how that could be the case despite the brutal nature of his death.

2. Was Berlin wearing a bullet-proof vest?
One theory is that Berlin was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he was shot in season two.

Posting on Reddit, one viewer wrote: “My theory is that he might not be dead because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

“Also they don’t show what happened to that girl so maybe that’s related?”

Another added: “People can be shot 20 times and still live so maybe he was lucky enough that maybe none of the shots hit him in a critical place in the body.”

3. Berlin is Alicia Sierra’s ex-husband?
Berlin’s links to Alicia Sierra has given fans another theory for how he could still be alive. In season four, Sierra gave a speech about her ex-husband German.

Not only did he die of a terminal illness – like what Berlin had – but the fact that he was called German was seen by fans as another potential nod to Berlin.

So, if they were the same person, Berlin would have survived the shooting. However, it seems like his terminal illness could have killed him instead, unless she was lying about that during her speech.

4. Did Berlin give a clue to Palermo?
In season four’s final episode, Berlin bit an emotional goodbye to Palermo, saying he loved him but couldn’t see him any more. He said: “Goodbye my friend. I’m confident that one way or another, time will bring us back together.”

Some viewers saw this as him saying he would appear to Palermo again, but others fear it could mean Palermo is at risk in the final season, and they will actually reunite beyond the grave.

Money Heist is available on Netflix.

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