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Mercy Masika’s Advice To Anerlisa and DJ Mo Whose Marriages Are Falling Apart

At a time when the marriage institution looks all pale and seems to be losing its importance, gospel singer Mercy Masika has some encouraging words for those who are still hopeful about having a successful one.

“If you enter marriage without a revelation, it doesn’t work,” said the mother of one who has been married for 12 years now and blessed with two kids.

“You can be so much in love and still divorce. People need to take time and study what marriage is before you enter into one. It’s not about love but wisdom, knowledge and understanding.”

The singer went on to explain that couples are breaking up at an alarming rate because people think love is strengthened by social media.

“Vitu kwa ground ni different,” she said.

“It is not what we see on social media nice pictures, most of them you’re not sure if they’re happy or not.”

On how she has managed to clock more than a decade in marriage, Masika had a simple answer.

“We fear God first and submit to one another,” she said. “Wisdom is key; knowing when to keep quiet and when to talk.”

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