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Jacque Maribe says Eric Omondi was a ‘ladies man’ when she was pregnant

Former Citizen news anchor Jacque Maribe has revealed juicy details about her relationship with her baby daddy, comedian Eric Omondi.

Maribe said while she was ready for a baby when they were dating, the comedian was not, owing to his career.

According to Maribe who made the revelation in an interview with a Kenyan magazine, Eric was not sure if he wanted to focus on his career or start a family.

‘’As for Eric and I we were very good friends for five years before we made the decision to cross that line and start dating,” she said in the interview.

By the time we realized we were expecting, I was very excited, I had really wanted a baby and had gone through all the motions of how to get one. I was at a space where this was what I wanted and was genuinely actively working towards it,’’ Maribe said.

Jacque Maribe and Eric OmondeThe Hot Seat hostess said another issue that really hurt the chances of them settling together then was that ladies were all over Eric in a move that gave him that ‘Ladies man’ image.

‘’But I think for Eric and his career, he was not very sure about the path that he should take. Like do we do this and have a baby? Not to speak ill of him but at the time he had this ‘ladies man’ image, there was no space for a child in that mix.’’ She added.

It should be noted Eric and Maribe share a son and are co-parenting.

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