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DJ Mo’s response after cheating scandal goes viral


DJ Mo has told off critics pointing fingers at him after his recent cheating exposé went viral.

This is after a lass who claimed to have bedded the gospel disk jockey since 2016, came out through popular blogger, Edgar Obare.

Leaking finer details of their private conversations, complete with screenshots of explicit videos and photos the two had been sharing.

After realizing that things were not working out his way, the father of two has come out to slam trolls for pretending that this is not what goes on in every other marriage.

In his post, Mr Muraya first bashed Edgar Obare for pocking his nose in affairs that do not even involve him. Further declining to comment on screenshots doing the rounds, of his alleged cheating affair with a chocolate-skinned babe.

He then went ahead to call out Kenyans who were acting like this was news regards marriage scandals, clarifying that in every marriage, there is a fight. “We ain’t perfect. Tusidanganyane,” he stated.

According to him, couples will always disagree and go through their fair share of ups and downs. The only difference here, being that he and his wife Size 8 reborn are both celebrities and their marriage battles are captured on camera.

In what fans have termed one of the most anticipated TV shows to air on local station NTV, many have already arrived at conclusions, others sitting pretty and watching as the drama unfolds.

How do you think this will end? Make up or break up?


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