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Bahati Backlashed After Sending This Encouraging Message To DJ MO

DJ Mo is currently sitting in a hot seat following his alleged leaked n#des and chat from a woman he has been banging for some time now.

The woman, who is currently not in Kenya, shared all the dirty linen with Edgar Obare who quickly blasted it to all his fans on social media.

Singer Bahati, who is a good friend of DJ Mo, decided to go online to show some support but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

While Bahati just wanted to make it easy for Mo who was being trolled left right and centre, Kenyans also attacked him for his message with the majority swearing he’s next.

“No Matter How Deep the Sea is; For Survival You Must always Keep Your Head Up. God Gives his Strongest & Tough Battles to His Strongest Soldiers. #SoSoldierOn!!!” said Bahati on social media.

Here’s fans reacted to the message:

Mwari Wa Njuguna But but but but now bahati….this same God was there wen ua friend had community horny episodes n dint ask God for help….now ur telling us he is a strong soldier ….Anywhere these breed of men is all over …..just relax. yoz too cld be cooking

Sophie Isaack Billions Did you just mention God giving a tough battle to a strong soldier….where exactly did God tell the Dj to dishonour his wife ??

Priska Shamim Jean Are you guys thinking what am thinking…..Baha is the “airport friend” who wud pick that gal from the airport then anapelekea DJ akakule.Kamejisema haka.What is done in the dark will be revealed in broad daylight

Purity Mailanyi Fellow kitombiz trying to console his partner in crime🤔🤔

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