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Woman Who Slept With DJ Mo Claims He Said “Size 8 Ako Slow in Bed”

By now, unless you live in a cave, you should have known that DJ Mo’s n#des were leaked by Margaret, a lady who claims he has bedded her since 2016.

The two have been seeing each other behind Size 8’s back. In the bombshell revelation, the lady alleges that the DJ would lie that he had an emergency. They would then spend a week together in a house or a hotel, having unprotected s.e.x.

The lady even claimed that she got pregnant during their time together, and he did not seem to care. Unfortunately, she had to abort.

The lady said that whenever Size 8 would call DJ Mo, he would refuse to pick her calls. It should be noted that Size 8 recently admitted that she calls DJ Mo a lot because she fears he has been cheating.

“The reason why I call him that much is because I have my own reasons. The truth is I have been doing all he is accusing me of. There are times when paranoia, lack of security and lack of trust hits me,” she said.

Margaret says that when they were spending time having s.e.x, DJ Mo would say all sorts of bad things about Size 8.

“I told you he said a lot about his wife. She doesn’t satisfy him in bed, mara ako slow in bed…some stupid things. I always tell him to train his wife to be better,” she admitted.

As if that was not enough, Margaret said that she does not care what happens after the expose’. She said that it is over between her and DJ Mo.

“There was no future between us I told him that, he asked me why I told him you are married you have a family. And I have a man now,” she concluded.

Here are some of the scathing revelations:

Geez DJ Mo.

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