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This is how our favorite Kenyan socialites looked before the fame and money

Back in 2013 the Kenyan Entertainment industry took a drastic turn thanks to Kevin Buoart.

This was the year that the word socialite became famous to many who had never come across it before. Well, in Kenya it was used to describe the stunning ladies posing half dressed in well edited photos.

However according to my dictionary the word socialite simply means; a popular person from a wealthy or aristocratic background, who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper-class society.

Risper Faith
Risper Faith

But to date we still use this word wrong. Anyway so far in Kenya we have had a few ladies turn heads – and make millions thanks to their good figures and influence!

Before the fame
Well, before becoming famous these same ladies; Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Risper Faith, Pendo and Corazon Kwamboka (just to make a few) had been living a totally different lifestyle!

If you doubt this then the photos below will confirm this!

Vera Sidika

Vera SidikaIt is no secret that the lady named above had some procedures done on her right before the fame!

After featuring on P Units You Guy music video; she caught many people’s attention thanks to her huge b00ty. But after getting famous, the lass resurfaced again looking light skinned after spending millions.


This petite lass with a big behind became famous after featuring on Big Brother Africa. For some reason, many really enjoyed her ‘blondness’ but come to think of it; this helped her in a way as she is said to be one of the wealthiest business ladies we now have in the Entertainment industry!

Risper Faith

Well Risper Faith will never be forgotten thanks to one rapper, Blackie! Just like Vera Sidika, Risper was featured on a music video that left many talking! However I guess this is a story she wishes fans would leave behind; but sadly the internet will never forgets!

Bridget Achieng

She may have been handling other activities on the side; but so far we understand that Bridget Achieng started off as a business lady working together with her late mum. She sold Ankara artifacts and outfits; but right after bleaching her skin, the lass then became famous….. not forgetting Nairobi Diaries!


The hyper lass became famous thanks to Bridget Achieng! The two ladies are said to have been pretty good friends before Pendo allegedly stole Bridget’s iPhone. As seen on a popular video on YouTube, Bridget Achieng was caught on camera accusing the lass of being a petty thief! And just like that, Pendo’s fate changed overnight!

Corazon Kwamboka

Well, Corazon Kwamboka seems to have maintained her skin tone and but her figure is more curvaceous now.

However, thanks to a video leaked by an alleged ex boyfriend; many got to watch the lady whine her tinny waist while dressed in nothing but a [email protected] and a [email protected]!

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