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See How DJ Mo Reacted After His Cheating Was Exposed

The internet is going wild with the news of DJ Mo cheating. Apparently, a lady called Margaret has been sleeping with him without protection since 2016.

All this time, DJ Mo has been married to Size 8, and in fact, they have been blessed with children. The lady claimed that the gospel DJ told her horrible things about his wife.

“I told you he said a lot about his wife. She doesn’t satisfy him in bed, mara ako slow in bed…some stupid things. I always tell him to train his wife to be better,” she admitted.

In the bombshell revelation, the lady revealed how the two would meet in hotels, have casual s.e.x, as DJ Mo ignored Size 8’s calls. Margaret alleged that he would lie about emergencies and they would have s.e.x for even a week.

At one point, the lady revealed that she was stuck at the airport and when he sorted her out, they ended up having s.e.x before she left the country.

“I had to call him and tell him about it. He sent me his same friend to come and get me, so he took me to the same house we found him there waiting for me. Told him what happened then he booked a new ticket for me, we f*ked again before I left later that night, while his wife was calling him but he never answered her calls,” she said.

After Edgar Obare exposed him, DJ Mo immediately took to Instagram to post a photo of himself. He seemed alone.

The environment looks like he is in a hotel room. Well, we don’t know what to make of this. Could he be signaling that he doesn’t care and he can spend the night anywhere he wants?

See what you make of it;

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