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Pictures of the lady DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with

Gospel DJ Mo has found himself on the wrong side after his side chick decided to spill details about their affair!

Well, thanks to the Tea Master Edgar Obare we now have every reason to believe that DJ Mo has been unfaithful to his wife for 4 years!

This was revealed by the side chick who went on to mention that she met the gospel DJ back in 2016, and just like love at first sight, they fell for each other.

Unfortunately during this time, the DJ was already married to his gospel singer wife Size 8, who also happens to be the mother of his kids!

Meet DJ Mo’s side chick
Sadly, I guess this is the end of the road for the two now that DJ Mo has figured how betrayal tastes!

DJ Mo video calls Margaret
DJ Mo video calls Margaret

As seen on one of the screenshots shared by Edgar Obare, the lady goes on to reveal that she was aware; that her relationship with the DJ had now graduated to an entanglement!

She even went on to share her photos while on a video call with the DJ; and boy are people on Edagr’s page celebrating. Anyway, below is the screenshot that has unveiled Size 8’s co wife! Let’s see how things will now play out.

The lady who just exposed her s.e.xcapades with DJ Mo is called Margaret, and apparently, she is in Bahrain.

Little is known about her, but we can confirm that she is indeed b00tylicious! Seems that DJ Mo couldn’t resist all of that.

The lady decided to come out as a last resort, apparently because DJ Mo was on her neck, once she exposed his ways via Edgar Obare’s account. The lady produced conversations, video calls, screenshots, as well as his phone number.

Margaret DJ Mo side chickShe now insists that she doesn’t want anything to do with him as she has a new boyfriend. We’ve got screenshots of the girl, and you cannot afford to miss her juicy a$$!!

Margaret DJ Mo side chickSee what the streets are saying about this whole fiasco.

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