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More Photos Of DJ Mo’s b00tylicious side chick

DJ Mo may be reeling in regret as you read this, as he has been exposed as a perennial cheater. The gospel DJ, known to be a family man and ‘perfect husband’, has come across as a disappointment to many.

The lady who exposed him actually lives outside the country. The drama went down on Edgar Obare’s Twitter account. The lady, who leaked the DJ’s n#de photos of his manhood and their WhatsApp video calls proceeded to reveal her identity.

The lady proceeded to say that she did not care anymore about him. Margaret clearly did not want anything to do with him.

“He was nice but I came to realise he was just a sh!t hole na ako na matharau. Sometimes you can tell him something akujibu na matharau. About being a sh!t hole apishi skirt he loves f#cking around,” she said.

As for DJ Mo, his wife Size 8 has had issues with his s.e.x life in the past. In a past episode of their show Dine with the Murayas, she revealed that he was s.e.x starving her.

‘’tumekaaa three weeks hatujahave s.e.x kwa hii nyumba. fault ni yako. nikikupigia simu you’re busy with your boys. [its been three weeks since we last had s.e.x and it’s your fault]. you can’t be busy working and deny me my conjugal rights huyu msee angekuwa ananifanyia job venye anafanya huko nje si hapa kwa hao si tungkuwa sawa,’ said size 8.

Well, we have the photos of the lady DJ Mo has been smashing raw over the past 4 years. At some point, she even got pregnant and aborted. We would love to know, compared to Size 8, who is s.e.xier, prettier?

Let us know!

Baby has got back yikes.

DJ Mo could not resist that juicy a$$.

She is definitely a beauty.

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