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DJ Mo Exposed: Woman Who Allegedly Slept With Him Leaks His N#des

Seems like DJ Mo is in trouble again, and this time around, things won’t just fade away like last time. A lady who claims to have allegedly had s.e.x with him since 2016 – while he has been married to Size 8 – has come out with mind blowing evidence.

The lady, who’s currently outside Kenya has leaked the screenshots and video chats of them both, including n#de photos that the DJ allegedly sent her.

The exposé was so bad that the evidence supporting it can’t be denied. In the video calls, DJ Mo is seen in bed, and somehow, his blurred n#des leaked. The lady further provided the phone number that they’ve been using to communicate.

Edgar Obare, who did the exposé, went ahead and confirmed the phone number and it is indeed DJ Mo’s.

In the conversation, the lady narrated how they allegedly had s.e.x escapades in city hotels, whenever she was in the country.

“Went for vacation last year December, but I didn’t tell him. But I told him the last minute when I was going back. That day was Madaraka day took a flight from Mombasa to Nairobi but there was a delay because of madaraka day so we had to stay for like 8 hours waiting for the next flight, so I decided to go to the nearest hotel and I called him, so the only thing he said he wanted was to f*ck me so I told him I don’t want s.e.x I just wanted to see him coz I didn’t have much time,” she revealed.

This is supposedly one of the many encounters they had over the years, still with DJ Mo married. She narrated that they have allegedly had s.e.x over and over. At some point, she claimed that she got pregnant with his child, and when he didn’t do anything, she had to abort.

In the recent past, popular actress Joyce Maina had to come out and defend herself amidst allegations that she slept with the gospel DJ. This came after DJ Mo was accused of cheating with her. However, it turned out not to be true.

We’ve gathered the narration from the girl in the form of screenshots; here’s the chronicles, all credits to Edgar Obare:

This is insane.

We can’t help but wonder what is going through Size 8’s head right now.

Now how is DJ Mo going to worm his way out of this one.

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