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Is Maseno University Dean punishing an entire class for a bold step taken by one of the Students?

Dear Editor

Thanks for allowing us to reach you.

Maseno university medical students tunanyanyaswa.

The current year 6, hata siezi daktari, tulimaliza shule in March. The dean had us sit at home until August, juu ya one common unit. We did it on 5th August. Bado ametukazia hadi saa hii kwenda internship.

Reason? Someone from our class anonymously wrote him an email telling him that his form of management was poor, that he needed to do better.
So he is punishing us.
Please help us.

Other issues that have been raised by these Medical students include:

1.Year 6 students are yet to be released to join internship despite qualifying
They completed school in March
2.School of Medicine has insisted on online classes despite CS Magoha directing in-person reopening for science-based courses
3.Lecturers are being allegedly mistreated and have left in an alarming rate and we fear for crisis and possible closure. For instance Internal Medicine department, which is a pivotal one, has remained with just one lecturer with 4 resigning since the new dean (Prof Ogendo)came to office last year.
4.The current Year 4 have been at home for almost one full year without clear reasons
5.No hostels for medical students despite it being a mandatory requirement and the school starting 10 years ago

YET in another letter to the editor against this same school the letter reads:

Hello Herald, on that Maseno story, the school has been frustrating students from the time of graduating to even obtaining their degrees…I have a friend who graduated in 2019 but the guy is yet to receive his certificates owing to the fact that some of the units were missing from his final transcripts, the teaching combinations in his certificate were also interchanged ie it was supposed to read Phy/Maths combination but surprisingly they put Chem/Maths… he left the certificates for them to rectify in January this year but ever since, the school has done absolutely nothing! the school keeps telling him that the senate is yet to meet to deliberate on the same yet it was a problem of their own formation, they want to be bribed to act

The institution has been a center of corruption ie husibotoboka you will not graduate, they will deliberately remove some of the units for you to pay for them….the corruption runs from the small offices to the top DVC’s and VC offices

Disclaimer: The News365 Kenya team and Kenyan Herald can not independently verify these facts and the sentiments there in are exclusively of the owners and the students who opt to send us letters.

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