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Wahu Kagwi’s horrifying ordeal on how she was molested by a family member

Singer Wahu Kagwi has come out to reveal that she was molested by a family member when only nine years old.

The singer, who is married to Nameless and has three kids, surprised many after sharing a video narrating her ordeal which happened in upcountry. She said that a cousin touched her inappropriately while her mum was away.

“So when I was nine years old I was se-xually molested by my cousin. My mum had left me in his custody. We were in shags (upcountry). He was probably 19 or 20 years old. He touched me very inappropriately and I was angry and while apologizing, he said ‘sorry, then touch me the way I did‘” a teary Wahu said in a video she shared on her Instagram account.

Wahu went on to add that it has not been easy coming out and sharing her story but sometimes people need the courage to speak up to save others.

“This wasn’t easy for me.. but I needed to share.” She said.

“In case you’ve been a victim of se-xual molestation I want you to know… you are not alone. don’t suffer in silence. please speak out. And parents I beg us…. let’s be very mindful of whom we entrust with our children…If you need someone to talk to , there’s a toll free …0800 722 022 it’s free. don’t let your experience kill you. hugs ❤️”

In the comment section, many encouraged her to be strong while others came out to share horrifying stories of how they were also molested.

thairu.esther Thank you for sharing your story,it takes alot of energy and bravery to tell such a deep story, you such an amazing and strong lady and I admire your strength ❤️

beckyaseere You are right most girls suffer quietly.,..that’s the worst experience in a young girls life

paulynn_wambui It happened to me 3yrs ago by two policemen from pangani at gun point life has never been as I knew it but to everyone who has gone through such injustice for lack of a better word sending you love and light you are not alone ❤️

Watch the video below:

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