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Want a juicy backside? See how as Zodwa waBantu gets a b#tt refurbishment

Zodwa Wabantu’s life is never boring. She is coming up with new ideas every time to keep her body beautiful and intact.

This time she has chosen to refurbish her behind.

She took to Instagram to advise her followers about her latest activity with a captivating caption and a moist video:

‘Is your Talent Taking you Places? My Talent is Taking me Places. My Talent is Ready’

Zodwa used the word talent in reference to her dancing talent and her beautifully endowed body. Zodwa once said the is not ashamed to flaunt her legs and backside as she was blessed with a beautiful body.

Zodwa says she wants to be known as an entertainer and businesswoman.

“I don’t want to confuse people about who I am as a brand. I’m also not like these celebrities who just want to do anything that is offered to them. Some think I do not have talent, but I know I have talent because how many women have beautiful bodies in South Africa but can’t do what I do? A lot! What I do needs talent that only I have, so there’s no need for me to try to be a musician that I have no love for to stay relevant.”

She took a swipe at people who said they were tired of her body.

“When you say you are getting bored with my body talent… I’m very talented! I’m not a musician. I use the talent that I have. Do you want me to be a musician? Phela all the above I can gladly do now because I have a lot of money and talent is available for sale these years. I can do it. I can buy talent and become successful even if I don’t know how to be a singer or DJ. So leave me alone. I’m Zodwa Wabantu and I will remain that way.”

Watch the video below:

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