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Pic of Tanasha in labor with an unbothered Diamond next to her causes emotional uproar

A photo of singer Tanasha Donna in the hospital with labor pains hours before delivering her first-born son while Diamond Platnumz calmly sits next to her has raised a lot of emotions on social media.

The photo, which was shared on social media by Diamond’s mum, was widely analyzed by fans as many claimed Diamond looked less worried as Tanasha suffered in pain. Diamond’s mum was marking Naseeb Junior’s first year on this planet when she shared the photo.

In the picture, Diamond is seen sitting calmly next to Tanasha as he is listening to some music and she is writhing in pain.

Tanasha and Diamond only dated for less than a year before she got pregnant. According to many, their relationship, which only lasted a year, was rushed and seem disconnected.

Once Tanasha delivered, she was forced to return to Kenya and Diamond also stopped providing for his son.

In the comment section of the post, many said Diamond should have shown more remorse even though it wasn’t his first time in the labor ward.

Here are the comments:

officialskyle Duuh hii mapenzi ya Hawa wawili ilikuwa Tamu Sana sijui shida ilikuwa nini

nafy.1 Tom kaka ndo tanasha au simba😂

ney_only1 hii pcha inachangia sana uchaguzi kuzid kuwa mgumu

Tanasha akiangalia hizi picha hana hamu 😂😂😂😂 happy Birthday Tom Kaka

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