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A birthday fit for a prince: Naseeb Junior turns 1

Mama Naseeb Junior woke up as the happiest mum on Friday, 2 October! This is because the young mum was finally celebrating her son’s 1st birthday; and just like most mums, Tanasha Donna made sure to go all out!

Through her instagram page the singer went on to mark her baby’s new milestone in a detailed post; where she poured out her heart leaving many with tears in their eyes.

Tanasha Donna went on to write saying:

“On this very day, October 2nd, 2019… Allah blessed me with the best gift I could’ve ever asked for… After almost 20 hours of active labour, almost 11 months later; you were still too comfy in mommy’s tummy, didnt wanna come out. But before we knew it, you blessed us with your presence as you came into this world… Words cannot express how proud I am to be your mother. How much I enjoy taking care of you, and I surely hope you will enjoy your little bday party today; as we come together to Thank Allah that you turned 1 today.”

She went on to praise her baby boy for being the most positive part of her life. According to the lass, her baby boy has taught her not to hold grudges (against his Diamond Platnumz). Tanasha went on to add;

“You’re so smart & intelligent, so kind & caring, always smiling & happy, you taught me what love is, you taught me forgiveness, you taught me not to hold grudges, you taught me to be the best mother I can possibly be, you taught me to work hard, you taught me all this by simply being here. Im not perfect, but for you I try to be the best person I can possibly be… Your smile gives me eternal peace, your presence gives me unmeasurable happiness. May Allah bless you & in many more ways in the years to come & always know that mommy got your back no matter what. @naseeb.junior @naseeb.junior 🥰😇 (Turning 1 photoshoot otw)”

Family only
In yet another post, Tanasha went on to add that she held an intimate party for her baby boy; for personal reasons. The young mum wrote;

“Happy birthday son. Little simple intimate family day, Thanks for all the wishes guys. Nawashukuru sana ❤️🙏🏽Just know that Momma loves ya so much. Glad you’re having a good time. 🥰😇 @naseeb.junior”

Happy birthday little man.

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