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Watch: Femi One announces her pregnancy

The lockdown has increased the number of pregnancy cases all over the world and it seems rapper Shiko Femi One now also falls securely into this statistic.

Femi one, who is behind the recent viral hit single “Utawezana”, was recently on social media to announce that she’s pregnant.

“Excited,” she captioned the video without sharing any other information.

Fans joked about the announcement by bringing up the song’s lyrics in which the rapper dares fellow rapper, Mejja, to give her a night to remember under the bedsheet.

Well, a lot of fans think he did.

“Haiya, kumbe aliwezanaa🔥🔥congrats 💕,” joked mwende.comedian.

“Naona okwonko amewezana” added bonfaceochipo

Others thought it was just a prank meant to get attention from her fans.

sakatizo_quan am sure iyo tumbo imejazwa na pump

president_nation Kwa hizi mimba za kenya zinakuwa haraka aje…last month ulikuwa tz na sikuona tumbo 😂😂

Watch the video below;

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