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Ebenezer village clashes result in 1 death and 4 injuries

One person has been killed in the ongoing ethnic clashes at Ebenezer village in Kekopey, Gilgil Sub-county in Nakuru.

Reports say four others are nursing injuries at different hospitals following a violent confrontation.

Gilgil Sub-county deputy County Commissioner Rebeccah Muturi confirmed the incident during an open-air meeting at Ebenezer village.

Muturi also said that four cows had been killed and 15 others left with deep cuts.

Locals have appealed for peaceful coexistence saying that since 1982, they have been living without any tribal quarrels

Moreover, the locals have appealed to the government to intervene in getting back 35 missing cows that are said to have been stolen during the wars while urging the government to help in compensating more than 10 cows that have been butchered and eaten

Yesterday afternoon’s tension prompted police to lob teargas to locals demonstrating after they blocked the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway at the Kekopey trading center.

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