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Watch MC Jessy execute the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge with the Maasai

Kenyan top comedian MC Jessy has stunned masses after an exciting video of him surrounded by Kenyan Maasai dancing to the viral Jerusalema dance challenge, left fans glued to their screens.

Born Jasper Muthomi, the widely celebrated MC took to battle young, robust Maasai warriors, with a traditional wooden rungu in hand and the popular Maasai shuka tied around his waist.

Jessy was up against a group of roughly 10 tall Maasai men and the challenge was his, to either come out wounded or in perfect shape.

Out in the grasslands and away from the city, you’d easily conclude that a traditional ceremony was about to go down, just from the way they were dressed.

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But forget the dressing. Just how the jolly media personality would swing his neck back and forth and perfectly get into rhythm with the the Kenyan Maasai men was spectacular. His entrance to the occasion was beautiful, no lie!

Known for his natural accent and his boast for having come from the Ameru community, I kid you not, at one point you’d think he lied about his ethnic background because he does it so well, despite his heavy-built body.

Even how he holds onto his rungu, I mean, it never got any better!

A dance challenge that elicited mixed reactions from fans, with majority in awe that this was actually MC Jessy. And how the challenge was done, is what many would term ‘perfect execution’. Have a look as it all went down;

His Jerusalema dance challenge comes barely a week after fellow top celebrity, Wahu Kagwi engaged her employees in a dance challenge battle on the same.

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