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Ringtone labelled a ‘conman’ and ‘fake gospel artist’

The last 24 hours have been dramatic for Kenyan gospel artist Ringtone. It all started out when a 19-year-old socialite – Shakilla – went on Instagram live with Xtian Dela, during which she claimed to have slept with Ringtone, among other big Kenyan celebrities. Victor Wanyama, who was mentioned, has threatened to sue Shakilla and Dela.

Ringtone recorded a video, saying that he will pray to God for gay men to rape Dela. Xtian became vile and swore to tear Ringtone apart since he has loathed the “Pamela” singer for the past 13 years.

In record-breaking Instagram live at 11 pm on Tuesday, Dela gave a background on how the two came to know each other. Over 47,000 people were on the Instagram live expose!

Apparently, the influencer’s late father helped Ringtone by elevating his career when the two were still young. Dela’s late dad was a pastor so he gave the singer a platform. Apparently, he fed him and gave him shelter at most times.

However, when Dela’s father passed away, Ringtone allegedly vanished. He ‘never sent even a condolence message.” Dela struggled to rise on his own, and at one point when he met Ringtone in town, the singer acted like he did not know him.

That’s when many came to his DMs, opening up about how they were ‘conned’ by Ringtone. Many explained how he went to their school, sold them t-shirts, promised to have them delivered but vanished with their money.

The conversation opened up a bombshell revelation. Dela asked his fans if they have ever had a terrible experience with him.

Here are some of the screen grabs from the conversation.

Ringtone has since hit back, saying that being rich is never easy. Here’s the post he put on his Instagram:

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