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Check out Brown Mauzo’s 100K engagement ring for Vera Sidika

Brown Mauzo is undeniably in love with Vera Sidika. Just like Otile Brown and doctor Jimmy Chansa; the coast based singer has found himself drowning in Vera’s love and thanks to the beautiful post shared on his page, we now know that things are serious.

The young man went on to praise his found love for the amazing time they have been spending together; as well as confirming to the public that they are indeed an item. His message comes just a few weeks after many blogs went on to speculate as to whether Brown Mauzo dumped Amberay for Vera!

Vera Sidika has taken to social media to announce that she has been engaged by Brown Mauzo. She has been gifted an oval red ruby and diamond Halo ring.

The ring has 0.85 Carats which costs approximately 1,425 Euros which is equivalent to Ksh 180,917.96

Sidika who has been dating Mauzo for less than a month shared her sweet engagement message which read,

“Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on 24th September 🥰❤️ it was the Best pre-birthday gift ever!!! If someone told me I’d be engaged in 2020 I wouldn’t have believed it 😩 and just like that, like a dream …I’m engaged! To the most amazing human ever! Saying YES to you was the easiest because we became 1 from day 1 & I pray for forever. May God lead us on 🙏
It’s my birthday today but lets celebrate BOTH!

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