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Akothee Uplifts ‘Rue Baby’ After She Confessed Her Bad Experience

We all know that Kenyan artist would die defending every last one of her children if that was the last option she had. The socialite who is very outspoken and unapologetic is known for always coming to the defense of the people she loves without hesitation.

And just when her super star model daughter came out to share her harrowing experiences with bullying and all the troubles she had been through at a certain stage in her life, mama bear, Akothee just as many other people who saw her post felt sad and insisted on writing a piece of encouragement to her daughter to comfort her and lift her spirits after that moment.

In a long post, Akothee assured her daughter that she is in a better place than her mother was at her age and is very proud of her for what she has accomplished at her age.

” my darling πŸ’‹, When I was your age, I was busy giving birth and embarrassing my parents left & right 🀦🀦 living a substandard life, full of pain, humiliation & bitterness, so,I want you to understand that, you are more famous than me, the talk of the town, the queen of beauty, but I can’t hide behind Pseudo accounts to troll or insult you, because, your win is my win, am benefiting from your success as a mother πŸ’ͺ you are succeeding in your own way, and I am succeeding too πŸ™, don’t fall for anyone insulting you on social media, most of the haters are already suffering in a corner, if it were not so, they won’t bother to mention 🀣🀣, , they can’t stand to see you win 🀦🀣🀣🀣🀣it’s not about you it’s about them 🀣🀣.” Akothee shared

She went ahead to warn Rue against those people who portray themselves as close friends. Especially those who call her babe and sweetheart saying that not all of them have her best interest at heart.

“Every time I see women around you, I panic, you are young and vulnerable. You might one day realize that those you kept around you are the same who had pseudo accounts 🀣🀣🀣 ask your auntie @cebbie_koks_nyasego. One day I woke up to realize that Someone I thought was a friend was the one fighting for my downfall πŸ’ͺBe careful with the industry too, too many fakes, they call you baby/sweetheart etc, it’s not true, it’s even better the haters who tell you on your face πŸ™, they are true with their bitterness, just know that anyone who hates your mother can’t love you πŸ’ƒ. 🀦 say NO TO MEDIOCRITY 🀦 THE WORLD IS FULL OF MALICE. STICK TO FAMILY. NO ONE IS COMPETING WITH YOU, YOU ARE COMPETING AGAINST DION TO GET TO RUE, Accepting average starts & stops with youπŸ’ͺ” She added

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